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Soltex Sealants / Foams / Fillers

Soltex is range of construction sealants, expanding foams and joint fillers.

SOLTEX Low Density Joint Fillers

  SOLTEX High Density Joint Fillers   SOLTEX Backer Rod
Soltex offer the widest choice of closed cell polyethylene foam available. Cross linked and non-cross linked variants they offer a clean, easy and efficient method of forming expansion voids.   For use in most water retaining and excluding surfaces, such as water treatment, sea defences, reservoirs and canals. Suitable for use with potable water. Used in road, airfield & bridges   Soltex Circular Backer Rod is a closed cell polyethylene foam cord in varying diameters from 6mm up to 50mm for use behind sealants and mastics in expansion joints.
Soltex LD Joint Filler
Data Sheet
  Soltex HD Data Sheet   Soltex Backer-Rod
Data Sheet
Soltex Joint Foam Filler MSDS   Soltex Joint Foam Filler MSDS   Soltex Joint Foam Filler MSDS
SOLTEX Frost Protection Mats   SOLTEX Bitumen Fibreboard   SOLTEX Resin Bonded
Cork Board
Cross / Non Cross Linked polyethylene foam variants. Virtually nil absorption, highly resistant to abrasion / tearing. Protects from frost whilst allowing concrete to cure at an even temperature   A robust, bitumen impregnated filler board which will not extrude under load. Waterproof, rot proof and resistant to most chemicals and alkalis, high impact resistance. Compliant with ASTM D1751   Used in water retaining structures such as water treatments, sewage plants, sea walls & reservoirs. Strong, light in weight, flexible and acid resistant. Complies with ASTM D1752 - 67 (R73), Type 2
Soltex Frost Mat Data Sheet   Soltex Fibreboard Data Sheet   Soltex Resin Cork Board
Data Sheet
      Soltex Fibreboard MSDS      
SOLTEX 600 & 600HPE Expanding Joint Sealant Tape   SOLTEX 2 Slip Membrane  
Soltex 600 & 600 HPE are open cell polyurethane foams heavily impregnated with acrylics creating flame retardant properties, they are suitable for creating a weather-proof and draught proof seal.   Soltex Slip Membrane is a dense extruded polyethylene sheet for use as a low friction, structural slip membrane..
Soltex 600 & 600HPE Data Sheet   Soltex Slip Membrane Data Sheet