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SOLCO Water Stops

Solco supply a range of
Water Stops & Swellable Water Barriers

SOLCO Hydrophilic Waterstop   Solco Polybar Waterstop   SOLCO
Form-Tie Waterstop
Solco Hydrophilic Waterstop is a green flexible hydrophilic strip made of natural sodium bentonite clay and butyl rubber. Solco Polybar Waterstop is a Hydrophilic Thermoplastic Elastomer waterproofi ng strip for construction joints that remains stable throughout repeated wet/dry cycles Solco Form-Tie Waterstop is the Intelligent Water Swellable System that provides a 100% effective seal inside and around the form tie.
Solco Hydrophilic
Data Sheet

Solco Polybar Waterstop
Data Sheet


Solco Form-Tie Waterstop
Data Sheet

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Chemical Resistance Table         Chemical Resistance Table
 Hydrotite Waterstop   Leakmaster LV-1
Waterstop Sealant
Bitumen Joint Sealer
Hydrotite is a hydrophilic waterstop which exibits excellent durability and water sealing capacity. It expands as it absorbs water and fills up concrete joint gaps conforming to the gap variation, ensuring excellent sealing Leakmaster LV-1 is a one component polyurethane water-swelling sealant which can be applied to joints, in civil engineering construction and water services for seals where conventional solid sealants cannot be applied easily Soljoint is a preformed bitumen sealing strip designed for joint sealing of precast concrete sections used in ground drainage, sewerage and subway construction.
Solco Hydrotite Waterstop
Data Sheet

Solco Leakmaster Waterstop
Data Sheet


Soljoint Technical
Data Sheet

            Material Safety Data Sheet
SOLCO PVC Waterstops
Solco high performance PVC waterstops for secure sealing of concrete structures.
These high integrity multi-finned waterstops incorporate fin control barriers which improve density and provide superior sealing.
Solco PVC
s Data Sheet